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Auto Insurance in Mountlake Terrace

auto insurance in Mountlake Terrace

American Insure-All can provide your auto insurance in Mountlake Terrace. Auto insurance has been around almost as long as there have been automobiles. It evolved, believe it or not, from marine insurance – merchants creating a pool of money to protect investors from loss in the case of a ship going down. The practice originated in China, and spread across the Mediterranean. The first insurance company to handle marine insurance was Lloyd’s of London, in the 1700s.

Liability insurance for a vehicle was a new concept. The first policy was issued to Dr. Truman J. Martin, for $11.25. Dr. Martin drove his vehicle to visit his patients. The policy would cover from $5,000 to $10,000 in damages if Dr. Martin ran into anything. The policy was issued by Travelers Insurance Company of Hartford, Connecticut. The first state to require automobile owners to carry liability insurance was Massachusetts, in 1925. Today, nearly every state in the United States requires automobile owners to have some sort of insurance. The exceptions are Virginia and New Hampshire. Virginia requires payment of an uninsured motorist fee, while New Hampshire requires that motorists provide proof that they can pay for any liabilities they incur. Insurance requirements do vary from state to state, but as a general rule of thumb, if you are insured in one state your coverage extends to any location to which you drive your vehicle.

American Insure-All can provide your auto insurance in Mountlake Terrace, we can be reached at 888-411-AUTO. We won’t promise to provide a policy for $11.15, although in today’s dollars that cost works out to something like $325.00. We will, however, promise to help you select the policy that is a good match for your vehicle and your driving requirements.

Your Sea-Doo Insurance in Arlington

Sea-Doo Insurance in ArlingtonAmerican Insure-All can help with your Sea-Doo Insurance in Arlington. As summer days invite you to enjoy the many waterways with opportunities for water sports, ensuring your watercraft is one way to ensure an enjoyable summer.

Other ways to promote a summer of enjoyable fun is to properly prepare for your preferred sport. One way to do this is to take a class in how to correctly operate your Sea-Doo. Classes help you to obtain any necessary licensing and make it easier to learn rules and regulations for your area. You will also learn about safe practices – many of which you probably already know – such as always wearing a life vest or jacket when operating any type of watercraft, carrying a supply of fresh water and having protection on hand for sun exposure. Keeping a first aid kit where it is accessible for emergencies is also a good idea. You never know what you might encounter – ranging from a splinter to a fall that results in injury. You might never need your insurance or your first aid kit, and that is the best-case scenario, but it is still a good idea to have those preventative or ameliorative conditions available.

American Insure-All can help with your Sea-Doo Insurance in Arlington, call us at 888-411-AUTO to learn more about ways we can help you enjoy your summer fun with peace of mind. Our knowledgeable agents will be glad to help you select a policy that is appropriate for your summer adventuring. Remember, your insurance policy is like your first aid kit: you hope never to have to use it, but will be very glad to have it in place before your need it. We are always ready to help with your insurance needs.

Make Sure You’re Covered With Jet Ski Insurance in Monroe

jet ski insurance in Monroe

American Insure-All reminds you to refresh your jet ski insurance in Monroe before you hit the waves. As the weather warms, and the itch to hit the road becomes greater, many people begin thinking of beaches, water, and those amazing personal water crafts.

Jet skis are fun. There is nothing quite like zipping along the surface of a body of water, the sun warm on your back and the chill water kicking up in a spray. But it does take some skill to handle one, and no matter what kind of water sport in which you are engaging, you should pay always pay attention to safety rules on the water. Read the operating directions for your jet ski before trying it out on the water. Wear a life jacket or vest. Never consume alcohol or other intoxicants while operating a watercraft. Maintain awareness of your surroundings – watch for swimmers, other craft, and obstructions. Watch for signs, and obey all directional or warning signs. Maintain an appropriate license, and obey age regulations. If you have just purchased your first jet ski, taking a safety course is highly recommended. These are common sense directives that will help ensure that your summer fun remains fun.

American Insure-all reminds you to refresh your jet ski insurance in Monroe, you can call us at 888-411-AUTO. Maintaining good insurance is one of those commonsense things that can help keep your summer fun enjoyable. It won’t hold off storms, but it can help with that second’s inattention that bangs you up against a dock or damage from that sandbar you didn’t notice. We can’t protect you from everything, but we can provide a financial cushion for “just in case.” That’s why we call it insurance.

Vacation Washington, but Remember Your RV Insurance in Monroe

RV Insurance in MonroeAmerican Insure-All reminds our customers and others of the importance of RV Insurance in Monroe. We are ready to help you select the best insurance choice for you and your vehicle.

As the days grow warmer and longer, it is natural to feel that itch to check over your RV – or to buy a new one – pack up family or friends, or even go alone – and hit the open road. If you live in Washington state, you won’t need to look far to find great vacation spots, but you will need to find out if your RV requires insurance or not. Depending on various factors, such as if you are renting or own your RV, if your RV is a motor home or a trailer, and if you are financing your RV, will determine the type of insurance you should have. This will also determine the type of coverage you should have – liability, full coverage, or something in between. It may also be advantageous for you to bundle your RV insurance with your other possessions. The best way to find out is to either call or stop by our office to go over the best options for your needs and budget.

American Insure-All reminds all RV owners to remember your RV Insurance in Monroe, just give us a call at (888)411-AUTO to take care of this important detail. Plan ahead, so that your days of vacation can be spent enjoying the many sights and sounds that are just around the corner. We heartily endorse the idea of making your vacation days a time of exploration and fun – for you and for every member of your family, including the ones with paws.

Add Boat Insurance to Your Policy This Summer

boat insurance in MonroeAmerican Insure-All reminds everyone that not to embark on water sports fun without boat insurance. If you are searching for  boat insurance in Monroe, work with American Insure-All. As insurance brokers, we have access to many different companies so we can work with you to get you the most appropriate coverage at the best rate possible. If you plan to be out on the water this summer, making sure your boat is insured is important.

Monroe is well placed for water fun. It is located near the Skykomish, not far from where it joins the Snohomish. Chain Lake offers a boat access for water fun, while Lake Tye Park has facilities for recreation – including unguarded beaches, parks, playground areas, picnic spaces and bathrooms. If the local boating opportunities are not sufficient, Monroe is within easy driving distance of Possession Sound. Even though spring weather is still pretty chilly for water sports, it is not too soon to start thinking about boat safety. That includes things like checking your boat over to make sure it is in good order, examining your life vests and other flotation gear, stocking up on consumables for those fun trips, and keeping your boat insurance up to date. Accidents, including boating accidents, are those things that happen in that split second when your attention is on something else. Our hope is that you will never need your boat insurance – but it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

American Insure-All reminds everyone that not to embark on water sports fun without your boat insurance in Monroe, call us at 888-411-AUTO, we can help. Water and summer go together like butter and bread, but no one wants an added helping of “accident” added on the side. Insurance won’t prevent accidents, but it can help with the financial side of that fateful moment.

Your Life Insurance, Monroe

life insurance in MonroeAmerican Insure-All can help with your life insurance in Monroe. Life insurance is one of those things that can be looked at from many angles. Of course, the original goal of life insurance was to cover your final expenses so that your loved ones would not be burdened with your obligations. It is still good for doing exactly that, but it can be used for so much more.

Life insurance comes in two main categories: Level term, which means that the death benefit remains constant throughout your life, and decreasing term, which means that the benefit slowly decreases during the term of the policy. As you might guess, these are usually targeted at different kinds of applications. In addition, each of these two types has sub-types, and each behaves differently. For example, whole life is a type of term insurance policy that pays a set benefit at your death. Meanwhile, however, your payments contribute to investments made by the insurance company, and you can borrow against the policy if you discover a need for cash. On the other hand, universal life insurance is a type of policy that is tied to a money market account. It does not guarantee a set payout.

Another insurance variable is the amount you are likely to pay for premiums. Term life is usually inexpensive for young people, but the premiums are likely to increase as you grow older. Level premium insurance will start with higher rates at the beginning, as compared to term life, but will remain the same throughout the time you have the policy.

American Insure-All has your life insurance in Monroe, – just give us a call at 888-411-AUTO. Our knowledgeable agents will be glad to explain your options so that you can select the policy that is best for you.

Get Your Bond Insurance in Monroe

Bond Insurance in MonroeAmerican Insure-All is the place to get your bond insurance in Monroe. Our knowledgeable agents will present our policies to you so that you can select the insurance that best fits your business needs.

Small business owners might not be familiar with bond insurance, but small business owners need bond insurance just as much – or perhaps even more – than large businesses. Let’s say you own a cleaning business. Nothing fancy – just a few business buildings that you and a friend clean after-hours. But suppose one of those building has a break-in, and some things are stolen. Your business could come under suspicion. If you have a janitorial service bond, you and your friend are protected from liability. Notaries are another type of small business service that requires bond insurance. In fact, insurance is a condition of having a license in many areas. A notary has the job of stamping documents to show that they are authentic. Construction companies – even single proprietorships that work out of a vehicle – need bond insurance. A surety bond for a construction company covers issues such as staying within budget and getting the work done on time. Car dealers also need surety bonds show that they use ethical practices in their car sales business. These are just a few of the small business company types that might need commercial bonds.

American Insure-All is the place to get your bond insurance in Monroe, just call us at 888-411-AUTO. We will be glad to review your business needs and help you to select the bond insurance that is right for your business requirements. Our knowledgeable agents are always happy to assist you with selecting the policies for your business.

Spring Commercial Insurance in Bellevue

spring commercial insurance in BellevueAmerican Insure-All has your spring commercial insurance in Bellevue. Spring is a good time to look over your commercial insurance policies to make sure they will hold up to your planned business activities for summer. Whether you are running a lemonade stand or constructing multilevel office buildings, summer is bound to be a busy time of the year.

With increased business activities comes an increase in potential for liabilities. It isn’t a plan of any sort – just a statistical likelihood. If you can anticipate 1 percent of your workers making a mistake that will cause someone to be injured, if you must increase staff, thing the numbers that are developed by using that 1 percent will go up. So if you have 100 employees, out of which one guy isn’t paying attention to safety protocol, then statistically, if you have 200 employees, then it is likely that there will be two guys who are goofing around acting crazy. Therefore, you might need to increase your insurance coverage – as well as refocusing on safety training. Of course, probability is a crazy thing – you might have 500 sober, solid workers for years. Then, you hire one crazy guy with leadership skills, and you suddenly have 500 workers who are doing wild and crazy stuff. Fortunately, that isn’t the way it usually works.

American Insure-All has your spring commercial insurance in Bellevue, just give us a call at 888-411-Auto if it is time to do a little spring cleaning in your insurance policies. We can also help with directing you toward training and prevention activities that can help keep those incidents low. That looks good for you as well as for us.