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Know What Is, and Is Not, Covered by Home Owners Insurance

Burlington home owners insurance

American Insure-All is always ready to help you with your Burlington home owners insurance. Home owners insurance is one of those things that it is good to have, but that you hope you will never use. Insurance on your home can include insurance on the structure, the contents, liability (for anyone hurt on the property) and specialty insurance that addresses unusual weather or conditions that might pertain in your area.

For example, if you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes, your normal insurance will not cover earthquake damage. To get protection from when Mother Earth decides to do a little dance, you need specialized insurance that covers that kind of damage. The same thing goes for tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding. Each of these natural events requires its own special insurance, usually provided by a specialty insurance company. Ordinary home insurance can cover your home against fire, theft, vandalism and similar adverse circumstances. Read your policy carefully, checking for the kinds of coverage you particularly want to have, and be sure to ask questions. Our friendly agents are always happy to fill you in on the details of your policy.

American Insure-All is always ready to help you with your Burlington home owners insurance, just call 888-411-Auto. Our staff members are glad to answer your questions, or to set you up with an appointment with someone who can provide answers. Your home is one of the biggest investments you are likely to make in  your lifetime, unless you go into business for yourself or embark on that educational journey to a doctorate degree in the learning area of  your choice. We are glad to help you select an appropriate policy to protect your home.

Before Damage Occurs, Secure Home Owners Insurance in Redmond

Home Owners Insurance in Redmond

American Insure-All is prepared to help you with your home owners insurance in Redmond. We understand the importance of having a backup plan in case of emergencies – and that is what your home owners insurance should be – your backup plan. We can’t do everything for our loved ones, but ensuring your home is one step toward protecting the roof over their heads.

Different folks have different wants and needs, and it is our pleasure to recognize this and help each customer find the right fit for them in terms of which insurance company they decide to get a policy from, and also the depth of their coverage. Some of our customers are looking for the bare minimum, and others are hoping to make sure certain protections are included. For example, fire is typically covered by most homeowners insurance plans, but damage from water by flooding, is usually not. Understanding these things ahead of any damage occurring to your home is crucial, and our team of local agents will be sure that you are comfortable with their policy, and knowledgeable about what it entails. One of the worst situations to be in is to think you had the insurance you needed, only to find out you do not what the time comes.

American Insure-All is prepared to help you with your home owners insurance in Redmond, just call (888)411-AUTO. We will be glad to help you make plans that will financially help protect your family from the slings and arrows of misfortune, without any crazy soliloquies about “shuffling off mortal coils.” We are pretty sure that William Shakespeare was a pessimist, or maybe he just knew that dramatic tragedy makes good box office.

Arlington/Smokey Point Auto Insurance

Arlington/Smokey Point Auto Insurance

American Insure-All is always ready to help you locate your Arlington/Smokey Point Auto Insurance. We can help with the financial results of those small fender benders and the big collisions. For all the things that can happen during the normal operation of your vehicle, we can find the insurance policy that best fits your lifestyle – usually.

There are a few exceptions to the “we can find a policy to fit” idea. Recent news has brought up a sobering, even terrifying use of automobiles. In Charlottesville and in Barcelona, vehicles were used in a deliberately destructive fashion. While cars can sometimes be driven accidentally into a crowd, or driven irrationally when the operator has reached the end of his or her mental tether, but recent events where a passenger vehicle is, with malice aforethought, driven into a crowd is a new wrinkle – and not a pretty one. That is why we say “things that can happen during normal operation.” Of course, there has always been a culpability factor built into insurance policies, causing the person who is “at fault” to be the person who had to pay all the damages. One has to wonder – will insurance companies now write in regulations for vehicles that are used as part of a terrorist attack? One might think that this could be similar to rulings about suicide, murder, and life insurance. In all events, it is a sobering consideration.

American Insure-All can help you locate your Arlington/Smokey Point auto insurance, just call 888-411-AUTO. We know that in the ordinary course of a day, things can happen to and with your vehicle. Our hearts go out to those who were in those crowds and to their loved ones. It is appalling that something as useful and sometimes beautiful as a passenger vehicle could be used in this manner.

Preferred Auto Insurance in Redmond

auto insurance in Redmond

American Insure-All is ready to help you locate your preferred auto insurance in Redmond. Now, sometimes the word “preferred” is used to indicate something extra special or unique. Our meaning is the insurance that is preferred by you, that helps you protect your vehicle, your passengers – whether they are family, friends, co-workers or people who are paying you for transportation – and any contents that might be of value. That can be a tall order.

When your step into even the smallest vehicle, you are taking charge of several hundred pounds of metal and other materials. In that position, you are responsible for the safety of wild animals, pets, pedestrians and other motorists on the road. Modern vehicles have an increasing number of safety accessories, such as proximity alarms and backup cameras, but that doesn’t keep accidents from happening. Drive for fifty miles or more on any busy highway, and you will be able to count the sad little carcasses of opossums, raccoons, armadillos, squirrels, cats, dogs, terrapins and other creatures that do not understand the protocol of “look both ways” before crossing the road. In some areas, you might even see the remains of larger animals, such as deer and coyotes. Sometimes you will encounter traffic that has slowed to a crawl because of a disastrous encounter between two motorists. We become inured to these sights because they are part of the price of modern transportation and those who commute to work cannot afford to give in to the emotions that could be involved.

American Insure-All can help you find your preferred auto insurance in Redmond, just call 888-411-AUTO to speak with one of our agents. We can’t walk the little creatures across the road or put bumper pads around every vehicle, but we can help with the financial cost of an accident.

Affordable Home Renter Insurance Near Mount Vernon

affordable home renter insurance near Mount Vernon

American Insure-All can help you find affordable home renter insurance near Mount Vernon. When renting, you bring all things important and dear to you under a roof owned by someone else. The owner of your rental is likely to have insurance on the building, but that will be of little assistance to you in the event of a catastrophe that destroys or damages your possessions.

Home renter insurance is dedicated to covering your “stuff”. Now, that doesn’t mean we can replace the photographs that you inherited from your great-grandmother, or that irreplaceable, one of a kind guitar, but it does mean that should there be an event that causes extensive damage to your personal items, there can be money to help you over the financial part of the situation. We hope, of course, that you never have a situation where you must use your insurance policy. However, should such you be caught in an unforeseen circumstance, renter insurance can make a huge difference in getting up, dusting yourself off, and getting on with your life – no matter who you are and what your circumstances. Disasters aren’t something anyone goes out looking for, but sometimes they find us, no matter how unwelcome they might be.

American Insure-All can help you find affordable home renter insurance near Mount Vernon, just call us at 888-411-AUTO. No matter where you live or who you are renting from, sometimes bad things happen. That’s when we can help and maybe give you a head start on turning things around and getting on with your life. It is pretty cliched to talk about clouds and silver linings, but that is the purpose of any kind of home insurance: to give you a silver lining when the storm clouds gather, and it seems like the only thing life can do is rain on your parade.

Get Affordable Sea-Doo Insurance in Mercer Island

Sea-Doo Insurance in Mercer Island

American Insure-All can help with your Sea-Doo insurance in Mercer Island. As summer draws to a close, insuring your personal watercraft might not be high on your “to-do” list. But there are some excellent reasons for thinking about it.

At the end of the season, it is often possible to find bargains. Sellers want to clear their inventory and have fewer items to store through the off-season. You might think that you would save money by waiting until spring to insure your boat, but that might not be quite true. Summer is not quite over, and you might wish to take that boat out for a last fling on the water. Perhaps nothing would happen – and perhaps your little personal craft would find a rock or encounter a careless boater. Even if a last fling is not on your mind, your boat will need to be stored for the winter. One might think that a boat in storage would be safe enough, but storage buildings can be damaged by winter storms – and let’s not forget the opportunistic thief. Chances are good that you would not encounter any of these problems, but insurance is a handy thing to have – just in case one of these worst-case scenarios might come to pass.

American Insure-All can help with your Sea-Doo insurance in Mercer Island, just call 888-411-AUTO. Winter will usually pass with your personal craft safely tucked in storage. Insurance is one of those things that are prudent to have for those strange moments when things do not go as anticipated. We would like to see you enjoy your small craft for many seasons to come – and we are here to help you do just exactly that. You might say it is what we do.

Your Business Vehicle Insurance in Burlington

business vehicle insurance in Burlington

Whether you are running a small delivery service, have signed up with Uber, or you have a fleet of company vehicles, American Insure-All can help with your business vehicle insurance in Burlington. We know that when you are the CEO of your own enterprise, the last thing you want is for it to be derailed by an automobile accident.

In many ways, motorized vehicles are moving monsters. If you don’t believe that, drive down any major highway and count the number of animal carcasses along the edge of it. Oh, and don’t forget to add in the auto accidents involving humans. Drive far enough on any given day, and you are likely to see a few. According to the CDC, more than 33,700 people are killed in vehicle accidents each year. That means that there were at least 33, 700 instances of someone not paying quite enough attention, or that drove on a slick road, or that had a catastrophic vehicle failure. That just might be a good reason to maintain auto insurance on your business vehicle in Burlington. Even a small fender-bender can put a big dent in your budget by the time you arrange for any mechanical work, followed up with body work and care for any medical bills that have resulted from the accident.

Call American Insure-All at 888-411-AUTO to learn more about getting your business vehicle insurance in Burlington. Our friendly agents will be more than happy to explain any details in our various policies. We are sure that we will be able to locate the best insurance for your business activity and budget. We know that entrepreneurial endeavors come in all sizes, and we would like to be part of your success.

Jet Ski Insurance in Maple Valley

Jet Ski insurance in Maple Valley

There is an excellent chance that you already have insurance on your Jet Ski, since summer is winding down. But if you have just now had time to go out and play in the sun and water, or you’ve just gotten a new Jet Ski, American Insure-All can help with your Jet Ski insurance in Maple Valley.

A Jet Ski is a fun, zippy personal water craft. You might not think of it as a vehicle that needs insurance. But these little water craft can get up to speeds that exceed sixty miles per hour – and that is plenty fast enough to cause damage to the craft, other things or passengers should an impact occur. Think of your Jet Ski as a water-going motorcycle, and you will have a good view of the kind of responsibility that should go with enjoying it. Like many operators of motorized vehicles, whether on the road, off-road or on the waterways, you might have an impeccable driving record and be one of the safest operators around, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have an accident. It is unfortunate, but not every person that has a Jet Ski is going to be as conscientious as you. You can think of your Jet Ski insurance as being very like uninsured motorist insurance – it can be that “just in case” coverage for when the other guy sent in the insurance check just a little bit late.

American Insure-All can help with your Jet Ski insurance in Maple Valley, call us at 888-411-AUTO to get more information. We hope that everyone is having a lovely summer and that you will have a great time on your Jet Ski during these last golden days before autumn.