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Shopping for insurance can be a tricky thing, especially when you’re in need of multiple insurances at one time, such as auto, life, and homeowner’s. If you’re tired of dealing with large conglomerate companies with no human factor and need a more personal, personalized touch, opt for AIA – American Insure-All® Insurance in Edmonds. We’re an insurance broker right here in your town, and while you can call us for a quote or claim, you’re more than welcome to come down and make sure everything is perfect face to face. We can tailor all of your insurances for you to ensure that you have the best coverage at the lowest rate.

We work with multiple insurance companies, over 40 in fact, to ensure that you have the best coverage that you need for yourself and your family. When it comes to auto insurance, if you’ve have trouble in the past, we can still get you covered and insured at a reasonable price, even if the trouble was in the form of accidents, parking tickets, or even DUIs.

We can also offer you insurance on your boat, RV, or even your Jet-ski, to ensure that all of your personal valuables are insured at all times. If you need multiple insurances at once, even life insurance, we can make a bundle so that you are charged an even lower rate.

Contact us today to find out how we can make the insurance process more seamless with less headaches. AIA – American Insure-All® Insurance in Edmonds can help get you insured at the best rate possible. Call us at (888)411-AUTO to speak with a member of our professional staff, or swing by the office for a free quote.