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Shopping for insurance can sometimes be a hassle and a headache, and can take the joy out of celebrating when you buy a new home or car. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. Perhaps a mistake you’ve made in the past is buying a policy from a large conglomerate company. While you may have saved money on your monthly premiums, when it actually came time to use the insurance – such as pay a deductible or file a claim, you were met with unnecessary expenses. Here at AIA – American Insure-All® Insurance in Mount Vernon, we like to add a more personal touch when it comes to insurance. Instead of talking to an agent who may be several states away, we are right here in your hometown. While you’re welcome to call us on the phone for a rate or quote, you can also come right into our office and speak with an agent face to face.

As an insurance broker, we work with over 40 different insurance companies to ensure that you get the best policies for your needs at the lowest rate. We offer much more than auto insurance, and can provide you with life insurance, homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, and even insurance for your boat, RV, or Jet-ski. Instead of paying several companies, we can bundle all of your policies into one low rate and payment per month, so you have less headaches. We’re also only right across town in case you ever need anything.

To find out more about AIA – American Insure-All® Insurance in Mount Vernon, call (888)411-AUTO today to receive a free quote or to make an appointment. A qualified and professional agent right in your hometown is ready to sit down with you and tailor your policies to your exact needs.