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At Am?ri?? Insure ?ll, we explain ?v?r?thing driv?r? needs t? kn?w bit b? bit, th?t’? wh? w? ?r? th? b??t ?ut? insurance in M?r??vill?. If one h?v? ?lr??d? experienced a ?l?im, ??u’v? lik?l? l??rn?d how your deductible w?rk? fir?t h?nd. For those who h?v?n’t, it can ??u?? ??nfu?i?n ?b?ut just wh?t a d?du?tibl? i? ?nd who ???? f?r it.

Wh?t i? a d?du?tibl??

A d?du?tibl? i? th? amount ?f m?n?? one (the n?m?d in?ur?d ?n th? policy) ???? ?ut of pocket f?r th? ???t of d?m?g?? before the in?ur?n?? company pays. Think ?f it ?? th? part ?f a loss you h?v? ?h???n t? ??lf-in?ur?.

H?r?’? ?n example: driv?r chooses a $500 deductible when ?ur?h??ing ?ut? policy. Thi? m??n? th?t ??u h?v? ?gr??d to ?b??rb the fir?t $500 in ?x??n??? as a r??ult of each loss occurrence ??u suffer.

L?t’? look at tw? scenarios. Pl???? k??? in mind th??? scenarios ?r? b???d ?n g?n?r?l information.

SCENARIO 1: Suppose you suffer a ??v?r?d loss with total d?m?g? to ??ur ??v?r?d ?ut? t?t?ling $1,000. Aft?r di??u??ing and ??ttling the claim with ??ur claims r??r???nt?tiv?, you take ??ur ??r t? th? g?r?g?. When the ??r is ready t? pick u?, th? garage ?r???nt? ??u with a bill f?r $1,000. Y?u will pay th? garage $500 dir??tl?. Y?ur in?ur?n?? ??m??n? will ??? the r?m?ining b?l?n?? of $500 to the garage.

SCENARIO 2: In thi? scenario, suppose ??u ?uff?r a ??v?r?d l??? with total d?m?g? to ??ur ??v?r?d auto t?t?ling $500. Sin?? you h?v? chosen a $500 deductible, ??u will b? r????n?ibl? f?r th? ?x??n???. Y?u ?h?uld n?t typically expect t? r???iv? any ???m?nt from ??ur in?ur?n?? ??m??n? in thi? situation.

Wh?t a deductible i?n’t

N?w th?t w? h?v? an und?r?t?nding of wh?t a d?du?tibl? i? and h?w it works, l?t’? l??k? ?t a f?w common mi???n???ti?n? ?b?ut d?du?tibl??.

  • It’? not ??rt ?f th? ?r?mium. Wh?n ?n? ???? th?ir insurance premium, ??u ?r?n’t contributing t? a ??ving? ????unt ?g?in?t future losses. Whil? th? ?m?unt ?f ?n?’? deductible ??n raise or lower hi? or her ?r?mium, d?du?tibl? and ?r?mium ?r? tw? different thing?.
  • It’? n?t ??m?thing th?t th? insurance ??m??n? pays. The n?m? insured ?n th? ??li?? is responsible for paying th? deductible ?m?unt.

A? with ?ll thing? in?ur?n??, it’? b??t to discuss d?du?tibl?? ?nd h?w th?? ???l? in ??ur ?itu?ti?n with a l???l ind???nd?nt in?ur?n?? ?g?nt.

T?k? tim? now t? full? und?r?t?nd your in?ur?n?? policy, contact u? today ?t Am?ri?? In?ur? All f?r the best ?ut? in?ur?n?? in M?r??vill? ?n (888) -411-AUTO and speak t? ?n? of ?ur agents.