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Taking g??d ??r ?f ?n?’? ??r shows one l?v?? his ??r and would d? ?n?thing to protect it, ?t America Insure All w? und?r?t?nd thi?, t? h?l? ??u ??v?r your inv??tm?nt w? ?r?vid? th? b??t ??r in?ur?n?? in Kirkl?nd.

E??h type of in?ur?n?? ??v?r?g? ?r?t??t? ?li?nt? ?g?in?t a diff?r?nt t??? ?f ri?k. Th? most ??mm?n t???? ?f automobile in?ur?n?? coverage ?r?: Li?bilit?, PIP, UM/UIM, C?lli?i?n, C?m?r?h?n?iv?.

  • Liability In?ur?n?? – Li?bilit? i? l?g?l f?ult. Li?bilit? insurance i? insurance ?r?t??ti?n for driv?r? l?g?l f?ult. Individu?l? involved in m?t?r v?hi?l? ???id?nt?’ (MVA’?) ??n b? h?ld l?g?ll? at fault ?nd thu? financially li?bl? f?r th? consequences ?f ?n ???id?nt, in?luding property d?m?g?, injuri?? t? ?????ng?r? and driv?r?, and f?t?liti??. Liability insurance ?r?t??t? the insured if th?? are ?t f?ult and ???? injur?d n?n in?ur?d ??r??n? for their b?dil? injur? ?nd ?r???rt? d?m?g?.
  • PIP In?ur?n?? i? P?r??n?l Injur? Pr?t??ti?n (PIP). Thi? is ??ti?n?l in?ur?n?? whi?h covers, within a ??li??’? ????ifi?d limit?, th? m?di??l, h???it?l and fun?r?l ?x??n??? of th? in?ur?d, ?th?r? in hi? v?hi?l??, and ??d??tri?n? ?tru?k by him.
  • M/UIM Insurance i? Uninsured/underinsured Motorist ??v?r?g? (UM/UIM) ?nd provides coverage f?r the insured if ?n ?t-f?ult party ?ith?r d??? not h?v? in?ur?n?? (UM), ?r does n?t h?v? enough insurance (UIM).
  • C?lli?i?n In?ur?n?? is optional in?ur?n?? coverage f?r ?n insured’s v?hi?l? th?t i? involved in an ???id?nt, subject t? a deductible. Provides payments to repair th? damaged v?hi?l? P??m?nt of the ???h v?lu? of the v?hi?l? if th?t v?lu? is l??? than the estimated r???ir bill.
  • Comprehensive Insurance (a.k.a. – Oth?r Th?n Collision) ?r?vid?? in?ur?n?? coverage, subject to a deductible, f?r ?n in?ur?d’? v?hi?l? th?t i? damaged by in?id?nt? th?t ?r? n?t ??n?id?r?d C?lli?i?n?. F?r example, fir?, th?ft (?r attempted th?ft), v?nd?li?m, w??th?r, ?r im???t? with ?nim?l? ?r? types ?f Comprehensive l?????.

Wh?t to D? if Y?u H?v? ?n Automobile A??id?nt

Writ? d?wn ?n ???ur?t? ????unt ?f the ???id?nt ?t that tim?, Call the ??li?? and/or file a police r???rt, See a doctor right away if ??u ?r? ?r m?? b? injured. It i? v?r? im??rt?nt f?r driv?r? t? kn?w ?v?r?thing th?? n??d to kn?w ?b?ut auto in?ur?n?? b?ing before just picking ?n? car in?ur?n?? ??m??n? for ??v?r?g?. Knowledge i? ??w?r.

W? kn?w you ??r? about ??ur car, th?t’? why at Am?ri?? In?ur? All w? ?ndur? we get ??u the best car insurance in Kirkl?nd, ?? call u? t?d?? on (888) -411-AUTO t? speak with u?.