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Thinking about life insurance can be a tough thing. No one wants to think about how their family and children will get along after they pass away, but it’s an unfortunate fact that this often happens. Getting the right type of life insurance is a great step to ensure that your children and spouse are taken care of, in the case of an untimely event. Big companies may push you into saving money on premiums, but with something as important as life insurance, it’s good to learn about the ins and outs of every policy so that you get the absolute best for your family. If you need the best life insurance company in Monroe, choose American Insure-All®. We’re right here in your town, and are more than willing to sit down with you and explain the different types of life insurance and what they could mean to you and your family.

Perhaps the most common type of life insurance is term life insurance. This type of insurance does expire after a specific term, but can be renewed. When it is renewed, often the payments increase. You can also buy a certain type of term insurance known as family insurance, that covers two parents (or two adults) in case of a disaster or other untimely event. This way, your children are completely provided for.
Permanent life insurance is exactly that – permanent. This type accrues money and savings as you go along, but can also be more expensive to pay into.

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