Edmonds Bond Insurance

American Insure-All® can help with your Edmonds Bond Insurance. When you think about bonds, you might think of U.S. Savings Bonds, or bonds issued by a bank. You wouldn’t be too far off. Bonds are a way of creating security for business ventures.

Commercial Insurance in Bothell

For example, a home owner who has taken out a sizeable mortgage in proportion to his or her income, might also take out an insurance policy that will guarantee payment of that mortgage – or at least make a portion of the payments – should that person develop a financial difficulty that would prevent making payments. In August of 2015, the government of Puerto Rico finds itself in that sort of position. Its bond insurers, Assured Guaranty and MBIA, say that they can handle the insured bonds should the Puerto Rican government default on its payments. The former president of Puerto Rico commented that there were many things that could be done, but that they were likely to make the person doing them very unpopular. Bonds can cover a lot of things – including small business risks, and insurance against a venture not turning out quite as planned. The key is that these bonds are intended to lower the risk, and to help smooth over the bumps when the thing that could happen, does happen. That’s why it is called “insurance.”

So, yes, American Insure-All® can help with your Edmonds bond insurance. We are aware that there are all sorts of risks out there, and that without taking some of those risks, businesses could not progress in a healthy fashion. If you would like to discuss bond insurance, give us a call at (888)411-AUTO to discuss your options today.