Don’t Forget Your Issaquah RV Insurance

Don’t forget your Issaquah RV Insurance if you are planning to be traveling in it this holiday season. American Insure-All® has friendly agents who can help you select the best policy for your home-on-wheels.

Issaquah RV Insurance

An RV is both a vehicle that can be driven down the highway and a place where you eat, sleep, prepare meals and perhaps even carry out business transactions. Thanks to its dual function as a vehicle and as a home, it requires special insurance that will cover any expenses from a vehicle accident as well as protection for your personal possessions from damage or even from theft while you are traveling. You will also want to have medical coverage for anyone who is in it – whether it is traveling down the road or sitting still – just in case of injury. In addition, you will also need to carry liability and uninsured motorist protection. That’s a tall order with a lot of complicated parts for one insurance policy, but you don’t want to even take it out of your driveway without good insurance coverage – let alone on a cross-country jaunt to visit family or to enjoy the sights.

American Insure-All® wants to remind you don’t forget your Issaquah RV Insurance. It is even more important than remembering to pack your favorite novel or your hot water bottle. While it is our hope that all of your holiday travel will be absolutely safe, we call it “insurance” because it is a plan to help in case of the unexpected. We want you to have the coverage  you need – just in case. Call 888-411-Auto to get  yours RV insured today.