Importance of RV Insurance in Auburn

Importance of RV Insurance in AuburnAmerican Insure-All® understands the pull of the open road, but reminds vacationers of the importance of RV Insurance in Auburn. As the old television commercial about a well-known credit card put it so very eloquently, you don’t want to leave home without it.

Your RV, or Recreational Vehicle, can be a broad variety of different sorts of vehicles ranging from a home on wheels to a four-wheel drive that can be used to pull a boat or travel trailer. If your RV is a home on wheels, it functions both as a home – at least while you are vacationing – and as a vehicle. Therefore, it needs insurance that will act as any motor vehicle insurance in the event of an accident and it needs the kind of insurance that will protect it and its contents as a home. If your RV is a vehicle that is used to pull a travel home, a boat or similar structure, you will need insurance that covers the motorized vehicle and possibly the item that it is pulling, as well. It is important that you select the right kind of insurance for the way that you are using your vehicle. Some RVs can even be used as a mobile office.

American Insure-All® reminds vacationers and others of the importance of RV insurance in Auburn, just give us a call at 888-411-AUTO to examine your options. Our friendly agents will be happy to discuss with you the various opportunities that are available for your insurance needs. We can also outline various ways to reduce the cost of your insurance, such as insuring more than one kind of item with the same company. Our goal is to help you.