Bond Insurance in Woodinville

Bond Insurance in WoodinvilleAt American Insure-All®, we have your bond insurance in Woodinville. Bond Insurance creates an added level of security to your bonds.

To fully understand bond insurance, it is first necessary to understand bonds. This can be a complex topic. The term “bond” can have a lot of different applications. Savings bonds and bail bonds are two of the most common usages, and while they are applicable under “bond insurance” if these are your only understanding of bonds, then you might have some misconceptions about bond insurance. First off, a bail bond is simply a sum of money that is posted when someone is released from jail while awaiting trial. The money is forfeit if the individual does not show up for his or her court date. A savings bond is a sum of money that is essentially lent to a company or country for a specified amount of time. At the end of that time, the bond is said to have “matured” and the sum is repaid to the bond owner, along with interest. But what happens if the holding agency for the bond has a problem? Banks have been known to fail, companies are subject to the whims of the general market – life can get pretty uncertain. That is where bond insurance comes in. It insures that the bond – the legal agreement, whatever it was – will have the funding necessary to pay off the obligation.

At American Insure-All®, we have your bond insurance in Woodinville, just call 888-411-Auto. If you are planning to issue bonds for sale – whether they are municipal bonds, business bonds or bonds intended to fund a project such as a new school – we have the insurance that can back them up and help out if the economic ocean gets a little choppy.