Protect Your Business With Bond Insurance in Arlington

Protect Your Business With Bond Insurance in ArlingtonAmerican Insure-All® is ready to help with your bond insurance in Arlington. If you are new to bond insurance, you might wonder what it is and what it does. With equity crowd-funding having been approved for certain parts of the United States (and under certain circumstances), more people might be encountering this term and needing to know what bond insurance is and what it does.

Wikipedia equates bond insurance with financial guaranty insurance. Its definition goes on to state that bond insurance is purchased to guaranty payment of all the principle and expected interest on a bond. Investopedia corroborates this definition, added the proviso that the bond will cover the principle and all expected interest payments in the event of a default. It goes on to state that purchase of bond insurance enhances the credit rating of the company issuing the bond. The Business Encyclopedia goes on to say that bond insurance is a guaranty by a third party (usually the insurance company) that the principle and interest on the bond will be repaid, as contracted. Business bonds are often issued to fund new installations or to otherwise expand business. While a well-established business can usually make back that investment, there is some risk involved. That is where we come in, as the third party who can cover losses in the event of a miscalculation. Of course, we are rooting for your success, and continued operation in the years to come.

American Insure-All® can help with your bond insurance in Arlington  just call us at 888-411-Auto. Our agents can discuss the type of bond insurance that you need, and help with providing information about your bond type. We certainly hope for your success, but insurance is all about making plans for the unlikely – just in case it happens.