Start the New Year with Life Insurance in Lake Stevens

life insurance in Lake StevensAmerican Insure-All® invites you to start the year off with life insurance in Lake Stevens. Perhaps you already have a policy, or perhaps you have considered getting a policy but the time just wasn’t right. January 1st is often a time for making resolutions. If your resolution is to improve your financial stability, a life insurance policy can make a difference to your personal financial stability.

It is important to select the policy that is right for you. There are different types of life insurance policies. The two major types are Term policies and Whole Life policies. A term policy pays out only if death occurs within a specific time frame. This is useful for things like providing a backup for large credit purchases, such as for an automobile or a house. In the event of your death, the policy can pay off debts that you might owe. The other type is a whole life policy. For this type of policy, premiums continue throughout the life of the individual and so does the potential for payment to beneficiaries – regardless of how long you might live. Some whole life policies have an “overpayment” clause, where payments that exceed the value of the policy can be turned into cash for the policy-holder.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is more financial stability, American Insure-All® invites you to consider getting life insurance in Lake Stevens, just call us at 888-411-AUTO to learn more. Our agents will be happy to explain the different policies and how they work so that you can find the very best policy for your budget and your situation. Your life insurance policy is an investment in peace of mind.