Get Your Bond Insurance in Monroe

Bond Insurance in MonroeAmerican Insure-All® is the place to get your bond insurance in Monroe. Our knowledgeable agents will present our policies to you so that you can select the insurance that best fits your business needs.

Small business owners might not be familiar with bond insurance, but small business owners need bond insurance just as much – or perhaps even more – than large businesses. Let’s say you own a cleaning business. Nothing fancy – just a few business buildings that you and a friend clean after-hours. But suppose one of those building has a break-in, and some things are stolen. Your business could come under suspicion. If you have a janitorial service bond, you and your friend are protected from liability. Notaries are another type of small business service that requires bond insurance. In fact, insurance is a condition of having a license in many areas. A notary has the job of stamping documents to show that they are authentic. Construction companies – even single proprietorships that work out of a vehicle – need bond insurance. A surety bond for a construction company covers issues such as staying within budget and getting the work done on time. Car dealers also need surety bonds show that they use ethical practices in their car sales business. These are just a few of the small business company types that might need commercial bonds.

American Insure-All® is the place to get your bond insurance in Monroe, just call us at 888-411-AUTO. We will be glad to review your business needs and help you to select the bond insurance that is right for your business requirements. Our knowledgeable agents are always happy to assist you with selecting the policies for your business.