Make Sure You’re Covered With Jet Ski Insurance in Monroe

jet ski insurance in Monroe

American Insure-All® reminds you to refresh your jet ski insurance in Monroe before you hit the waves. As the weather warms, and the itch to hit the road becomes greater, many people begin thinking of beaches, water, and those amazing personal water crafts.

Jet skis are fun. There is nothing quite like zipping along the surface of a body of water, the sun warm on your back and the chill water kicking up in a spray. But it does take some skill to handle one, and no matter what kind of water sport in which you are engaging, you should pay always pay attention to safety rules on the water. Read the operating directions for your jet ski before trying it out on the water. Wear a life jacket or vest. Never consume alcohol or other intoxicants while operating a watercraft. Maintain awareness of your surroundings – watch for swimmers, other craft, and obstructions. Watch for signs, and obey all directional or warning signs. Maintain an appropriate license, and obey age regulations. If you have just purchased your first jet ski, taking a safety course is highly recommended. These are common sense directives that will help ensure that your summer fun remains fun.

American Insure-All® reminds you to refresh your jet ski insurance in Monroe, you can call us at 888-411-AUTO. Maintaining good insurance is one of those commonsense things that can help keep your summer fun enjoyable. It won’t hold off storms, but it can help with that second’s inattention that bangs you up against a dock or damage from that sandbar you didn’t notice. We can’t protect you from everything, but we can provide a financial cushion for “just in case.” That’s why we call it insurance.