Your Bond Insurance in Snohomish

bond insurance in Snohomish

American Insure-All® can help with your bond insurance in Snohomish. Bond insurance is a means of making sure that business dealings are covered financially in the event of accidents or disasters or other unforeseen circumstances. Many people when they hear the term on might think of savings bonds, bail bonds, or even a bond issue, which is a way of paying for public buildings. These are common uses of the word bond. What exactly is the definition of bond?

“Bond” can mean many different things. A bond is something that holds things to gather that make them part of a whole. We can speak of glue bonding two things together. So what do bonds mean in business terms? A bond in business terms is a sum of money or other security that is held in escrow in case a business venture or commitment should happen to fail. Bond in assurance is a way of ensuring that security so that it is available in the event that the business venture goes awry or the institution or bank, where the escrowed funds are being held should happen to fail. You might say that bond insurance is insuring the insurance. While that might sound a little crazy, but in  today’ s money markets, it is not a bad plan.

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