Mobile Home Insurance in Mount Vernon-Burlington

mobile home insurance in Mount Vernon-Burlington

American Insure-All® can help you find mobile home insurance in Mount Vernon-Burlington. Mobile homes are an interesting anomaly. They are not RVs. They are too big for most passenger vehicles to tow on the road – they require a specialized vehicle – usually a semi-tractor – for towing. However, they do not require foundations, and they can be set up in a mobile home park where they can easily be hooked up to untilities.

Mobile homes are often licensed and taxed as if they were a vehicle, even though each unit will usually remain in place for a year or two or longer. Buyers who are purchasing a mobile home that is more than ten years old can find it difficult to locate an insurer who will cover the home for anything approaching the listed value. This is because, like motor vehicles, mobile homes depreciate. Even if the home is kept up, it still will have a steadily decreasing value. It is for this reason that many insurers recommend that mobile home owners take out a separate policy to cover the contents. One chagrined blogger commented that he would get about enough from an insurance payout (should he have a fire in his house) to pay for a tent and an inflatable mattress. While this is probably an exaggeration, it does underline the difficulty. Banks, of course, require home owner’s insurance when lending on any sort of vehicle or home. Mobile home insurance, due to the less robust construction of these structures, is often higher than that required for standard structures.

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