Bond Insurance in Issaquah for Smooth Business Operations

Bond Insurance in Issaquah

American Insure-All has your bond insurance in Issaquah to help smooth your business operations. A bond is usually a sum of money or something of value that is held in escrow until an operation is finished. Bond insurance protects the item of value that is used to secure the bond.

Bonds and bond insurance help protect both the business operator and the client from unexpected developments in the course of a project. For example, suppose that a building project was bid at a particular price, but after the bid was made, a terrible forest fire destroyed the lumber that would have been used in the building. Consequently, the lumber might have to be purchase at an unexpectedly high price, or it might have to be shipped in from outside the normal trade area. The situation slows construction, and both company and client are beginning to lose money because of the delays. A bond that is in place can help the process of getting past this bump in the road of progress. Such financial arrangements date back to the times of sailing ships and caravans when moving and delivering goods was a chancy business. Even in our technological world today, ships sometimes sink, cargo planes can fail. Insurance cannot restore lives, but it can buffer financial consequences.

American Insure-All has your bond insurance in Issaquah to help smooth your business operations, you can learn more by calling 888-411-AUTO. Our agents will be glad to discuss your business needs, and to share with you the various types of bond insurance that is available to you. Insurance cannot protect against every exigency – but it can help with the bills. We are glad to be of assistance.