Boat Insurance in Kent

boat insurance in Kent

With summer in full swing, it is a good time to be aware of your boat insurance in Kent. American Insure-All® can help you check your policy before you make that long-anticipated cruise or trip to the seaside. Whether your boat is large or small, good insurance will bring peace of mind to your aquatic adventures.

Boats can range from personal sized jet skis or sea doos to modestly sized yachts. (The bigger yachts might tip over into the “ship” category.) You might plan a vacation that involves hauling your personal sized boat to a public dock and spending the day having fun zipping about on the water. Or, you might plan a vacation where you load family or friends up on a larger vessel and set out to explore your local coastline. These things could even combine into using a bigger boat to haul several small ones – for a variety of reasons. The line between “boat” and “ship” is a thin one – often involving the number of crew required to manage the vessel, whether it can haul another boat, such as a skiff, and how it is purposed. Often the difference between a boat and ship is whether the vessel can embark upon the ocean or must remain close to shore. Even that definition doesn’t quite hold, because submarines are always boats, as was Thor Heyerdahl’s experimental reed vessel — and both were ocean-going vessels.

Despite the slippery defining difference between “boat” and “ship”, American Insure-All® can help you update your boat insurance in Kent, just call 888-411-AUTO. Our agents will help you to make sure you have the correct kind of insurance for your vessel – whether it is personal sized, or whether you could live on it if you so desired. We are always glad to help.