Mobile Home Insurance in Smokey Point

mobile home insurance in Smokey Point

American Insure-All® can help you find mobile home insurance in Smokey Point. Now, it is true that mobile homes have some odd requirements for insurance – that is because on the one hand, they are a house; but on the other hand, they are mobile, i.e.: they can be moved, even if it does take a semi-tractor to pull the big ones.

Considerations when insuring your mobile home include its age, its condition, its size and whether it is a mobile home, a premade home or a modular home. Age is a consideration because some of the older mobile homes were built to less exacting standards. Your insurance agent might ask for an inspection before insuring your home. Size, of course, affects the value of your home. Like a house a three bedroom or double wide home, will have greater value than a one or two-bedroom smaller home. Finally, mobile homes are usually placed on a pad and use tie-downs to keep them in place. Premade or modular homes are likely to be placed on a permanent foundation, making them more like a single-story house. These are all things to consider when purchasing your mobile home, and will certainly affect your insurance – as will whether you own the land where it is located, or if you must rent a lot for it.

American Insure-All® can help you find mobile home insurance in Smokey Point, call us at 888-411-AUTO to learn more about the finer points of insuring moveable housing. We will be glad to provide you with the appropriate information, to and help you locate the policy that will work for you and your mobile home. We are always ready with information about insurance of all kinds.