Your Business Vehicle Insurance in Burlington

business vehicle insurance in Burlington

Whether you are running a small delivery service, have signed up with Uber, or you have a fleet of company vehicles, American Insure-All® can help with your business vehicle insurance in Burlington. We know that when you are the CEO of your own enterprise, the last thing you want is for it to be derailed by an automobile accident.

In many ways, motorized vehicles are moving monsters. If you don’t believe that, drive down any major highway and count the number of animal carcasses along the edge of it. Oh, and don’t forget to add in the auto accidents involving humans. Drive far enough on any given day, and you are likely to see a few. According to the CDC, more than 33,700 people are killed in vehicle accidents each year. That means that there were at least 33, 700 instances of someone not paying quite enough attention, or that drove on a slick road, or that had a catastrophic vehicle failure. That just might be a good reason to maintain auto insurance on your business vehicle in Burlington. Even a small fender-bender can put a big dent in your budget by the time you arrange for any mechanical work, followed up with body work and care for any medical bills that have resulted from the accident.

Call American Insure-All® at 888-411-AUTO to learn more about getting your business vehicle insurance in Burlington. Our friendly agents will be more than happy to explain any details in our various policies. We are sure that we will be able to locate the best insurance for your business activity and budget. We know that entrepreneurial endeavors come in all sizes, and we would like to be part of your success.