Looking for Commercial Insurance in Renton

commercial insurance in Renton

Business owners, if you are looking for commercial insurance in Renton, add American Insure-All® to your speed-dial. Our friendly agents are always glad to discuss your business insurance needs. That can mean many different things to different establishments.

An area of commercial insurance sometimes overlooked by the general public is the need to insure rental buildings. The big question here is whether you simply insure the building or whether the building owner has a degree of responsibility for the contents. It is a good question. An easy answer has been reached by some apartment building owners. Renters are required, as part of their contract, to obtain and maintain renter’s insurance that will cover their possessions. This will place the burden of coverage with the person who owns the items. Moreover, it means that the renter can assess the necessary balance between the cost of insurance and the cost of replacing the contents of their apartment or rental home. Since the value of personal possessions can vary from a simple bed and essential clothing to musical instruments and computer equipment, the renter is the best person to assess that balance and to select appropriate insurance. (If you are a renter and reading this, we can help you with your renter’s insurance policy, as well.)

American Insure-All® can help your find commercial insurance in Renton, just call (888)411-AUTO to learn more about our services. We are dedicated to connecting customers with the right insurance for their situation, and to helping them balance considerations such as the amount of insurance they can afford weighed against the cost of replacing their material goods. We highly recommend sharing copies of valuable documents or pictures with family, friends or an appropriate storage facility – online or off – to preserve those items which cannot be replaced.