Life Insurance in Seattle, Old-Fashioned Ideas That are Valid Today

Life Insurance in Seattle

American Insure-All® is prepared to help with your life insurance in Seattle. Life insurance was originally called death insurance or burial clubs. With such gloomy appellations, it is a wonder such policies sold. These insurances date back to the Roman times and perhaps even earlier, when preparation for the afterlife was a serious matter. Families wanted to be sure that their dearly departed were properly set up for the afterlife. These clubs also paid out small sums for family members, and were intended to help support families bereft of a parent.

Life insurance has evolved since those days, but it still maintains many of the characteristics of those early “policies.” It can still assist with final expenses, freeing loved ones of making uncomfortable decisions at a time when they are grieving, and it can provide for family members who might not otherwise be able to maintain themselves. A good life insurance policy can also go a long way toward defraying debts that might leave able-bodied family members encumbered. But some types of life insurance policies are set up to pay out annuities in the latter part of the subscriber’s life, making them much more than a simple “death insurance.”

Call American Insure-All® at 888-411-AUTO to learn more about life insurance in Seattle. Whether you are taking out a policy to protect your family against loss of your income, or you are purchasing a policy for your newborn child, our friendly agents will be glad to explain your various options. While life insurance policies might be old-fashioned, there is nothing wrong with planning for your future or for the future of your family. Making such plans are the sort of old-fashioned values that we believe are just as valid today as they were in the times of the Ancient Romans.

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