Helping You with DUI Auto Insurance in Skagit County

DUI auto insurance in Skagit Country

American Insure-All® can help with DUI auto insurance in Skagit County. One of the errors of social drinking is to say to your friends, “I’ll have just one. I have to drive home.” A better comment might be, “I’m the designated driver, just a soft drink for me.” There are a lot of reasons for that one drink, especially when one leads to two and two leads to more. Maybe you had a really bad day at work, maybe you are trying to fit in. But when you are pulled over, even if it is just for a tail light out, and the officer notices the smell of alcohol on your breath and administers a breathing test, he or she is going to write you up for it.

Once you’ve received a citation for driving under the influence, your insurance rates can go up. With some policies, you can lose your insurance policy. Worse yet, under certain circumstances, you can even lose your driving license for a time. With all of that said, unless you park your vehicle in your garage and do not let anyone drive it, your automobile still needs to be insured. If your spouse, your children or even a friend drives that car, it needs to have insurance before even one bumper clears your driveway. We all know what has been said commercially about auto insurance: “Don’t leave home without it.”

American Insure-All® can help with DUI auto insurance in Skagit County, call 888-411-AUTO to learn more. We understand that life isn’t always perfect, and that people sometimes make choices that they later regret. Our goal is to help you to insure your vehicle, and to help you do the responsible thing about your vehicle insurance coverage.