Auto Insurance in Mount Vernon

auto insurance in Mount Vernon

As the 2018 New Year unfolds, American Insure-All® reminds customers it is a good time to review your auto insurance in Mount Vernon. Reviews of auto insurance indicate that no matter what company you are insured with, there is a high probability that your rates are going to go up, even if you have a perfect driving record.

This is because insurance companies are businesses, and to succeed businesses must maintain a margin of success. Value Penguin published an article titled “Why Insurance Rates are Likely to Increase in 2018”. Their article includes a loss ratio chart of major auto insurance companies, including Allstate, the holders of eSurance. Allstate, according to this chart, has experienced a 100% loss ratio, and they are by no means the company worst off. Since insurance companies must pay their agents and office staff as well as meet other overhead costs, they have no choice but to raise their rates. The cause of the unbalanced ratio is largely thanks to inclement weather payouts because of natural disasters. However, this is not the only reason. Fatal auto accidents are up 6% over those reported last year. Driving distracted – particularly by texting while driving – continues to be a major cause of auto accidents in spite of technological, hands-free fixes for the problem and multiple roadside signs concerning it. Regardless of the cause, someone must pay for those losses, so auto owners can universally look forward to higher insurance costs for 2018.

American Insure-All® will continue to locate the best possible prices for auto insurance in Mount Vernon, just call 888-411-Auto. We are always glad to help. Our agents will be pleased to discuss your circumstances with you, and to give you all possible allowable discounts.