Arlington/Smokey Point Auto Insurance Brokers

Arlington/Smokey Point auto insurance brokers

The team at American Insure-All® are your Arlington/Smokey Point auto insurance brokers. You might wonder what, exactly, that really means to you. To explain it, we will need to define some terms and tell you a little about the insurance business.

First off, we are an independent, locally owned company. Some insurance brokers and insurance agents are contracted to a specific insurance company, such as Allstate or Farmers. We have contact with more than more than 52 insurance companies, to help you select the best insurance for you. Second, we are, technically, a retail insurance broker. That means that when we contact companies on your behalf, we are representing you, not the insurance company. That also means that it is in our best interest (as your representative) to locate the best insurance for you – not the insurance policy that will bring in the most money for a major-brand insurer. If we were a wholesale agency, then we would be more interested in pleasing the insurance companies. With that said, we do have contact with wholesale agencies because sometimes you need specialty insurance, such as flood coverage or insurance for times when life has gotten complicated by those impulsive decisions that add negative points to your driver’s license.

Here at American Insure-All®, we are your Arlington/Smokey Point auto insurance brokers, give us a call at 888-411-AUTO to learn more about our many services. Because we are an independent retail brokerage, we have your best interests in mind because that is how we can persuade you to come back to us for all your insurance needs. More than that, satisfied customers are the best advertising ever, because you tell your friends, family members, and associates about the great job we do for you – so we can then do a great job for them.