Redmond Car and Home Insurance Quotes

 Redmond car and home insurance quote

American Insure-All® has your Redmond car and home insurance quotes.  Even with the best resources, 2018 has seen a rise in insurance costs across the board, all across the United States. There are many reasons for these increases – a record number of natural disasters in 2017, added features on modern vehicles which increase the cost of repairs, and just a plain, across the board increase in cost-of-living for everyone.

As your independent, family-owned insurance broker, we have your best interests in mind. We have contact with more than fifty different insurance agencies to enable selecting the best policies for your needs. With that said, one of the best ways to save on insurance costs is to bring your vehicle and home insurance under the same umbrella. It enables you to get discounts for bringing your business to one insurer. Some insurers also offer discounts to non-smokers, to people with clean driving records, and even to students who have good school attendance and grades. Other discount possibilities include defensive driving courses for older drivers. Age is something that just happens if you live long enough, and if you are over age fifty, you already know about the reduced reaction time and other challenges of a body that is slowly wearing out. You can, however, combat that by driving smarter. In fact, all of us of any age can benefit from that!

Call 888-411-AUTO to get your Redmond car and home insurance quotes from American Insure-All®. We are a locally owned, independent insurance broker, which means that we put your needs first – not the benefits that might accrue to an insurance agency. No matter your driving age or your driving record, we will work to find the best insurance for your vehicle or your home.