Mt. Vernon-Burlington Vehicle Insurance for Commercial Fleets

Mt. Vernon-Burlington vehicle insurance for commercial fleets

American Insure-All® has your Mt. Vernon-Burlington vehicle insurance for commercial fleets. If you own, operate or have others operate several vehicles pursuant to your business activities, then you are operating a “fleet.” Of course, you want to have all those vehicles appropriately insured, and we can help with that.

Often company cars operate under a “named driver only” system. This keeps the mail room clerk from using the company car to run out for lunch or for pizza. In addition, it add a layer of identification for your workers who are supposed to use the vehicle, whether they are acting as taxi drivers, picking up lunch for everyone, or making deliveries. Coverage for your company car, truck or van will be very similar to personal insurance in that it covers damage to vehicles (yours or theirs), bodily injury, no-fault medical for anyone involved. But it goes a little farther, since it is a company vehicle, and takes on costs such as if you need legal assistance for liability for damages to goods in the vehicle or for property damage or bodily harm that might come up above and beyond regular coverage.

Who needs commercial insurance? Anyone who transports people, goods or has a service for which they are paid a fee. Commercial insurance policies often include added coverage, conditions and terms that are not applicable to personal vehicle use.

American Insure-All®, at 888-411-AUTO, can help you locate your Mt. Vernon-Burlington vehicle insurance for commercial fleets. Even if your “fleet” is one car and one small pick-up truck, if you are providing transportation of goods or people for a fee, then you need commercial vehicle insurance. We will be glad to discuss with you exactly the coverage you will need for your business operations.