Commercial Insurance Auto Quotes for Mount Vernon/Burlington: Know Your Policy Needs

Commercial Insurance Auto Quotes for Mount Vernon/Burlington

American Insure-All® has your commercial insurance auto quotes for Mount Vernon/Burlington. “Commercial” use of your vehicle can cover many different descriptions and uses of a vehicle. Good coverage that matches the description of how your vehicle will be used is a must.

If you own a vehicle that you consistently use as a taxi or to make deliveries, you already know that your vehicle is being used as part of a business endeavor. But you might not be aware that of some uses of your personal vehicle that might not be covered under a personal auto insurance policy. For example, if you deliver pizza for a small company after you get off work at your local job, for those hours your vehicle is considered to be used commercially. Carpooling can be one of those gray areas of coverage. For example, if you share rides with colleagues to and from the same job, your personal insurance policy will probably be fine. But if you are participating in a service such as Car Trip or Uber, then you are considered to be using your vehicle commercially and should insure it accordingly. Delivery services can have those same gray areas. If you are picking up something for a family member or neighbor as a once in a while deal, you shouldn’t need extra insurance. But if you are picking up and delivering things regularly, then your vehicle is being used commercially.

Call American Insure-All® at 888-411-AUTO to learn more about your commercial insurance auto quotes for Mount Vernon/Burlington or to discover whether your personal policy needs upgraded to commercial coverage. Our friendly agents are more than glad to help you compare policies and to make sure that you have the type of coverage that your activities require.