Car Insurance Company in Renton

Car Insurance Company in Renton

American Insure-All® can connect you with a reliable car insurance company in Renton. As insurance brokers, we are in constant touch with more than fifty insurance agencies. This assures that you can obtain the insurance that you need at a cost that you can afford.

Auto insurance is incredibly important. Not only is it mandated by most states in the U.S., you never know when you might need it. One night, a woman picked up a friend from work. They were driving back to their residence. The night was late, a bit rainy, and she had chosen a median pace – well above the minimum speed but not up to the limit. The two friends were talking about what they hoped to get done in the next week, when suddenly it sounded and felt at if a giant metallic fist smacked them in the back. Her truck swerved toward the left lane, she brought it back to the shoulder and coasted to a stop.

A man came to the passenger window. “Como ‘stas,” he asked worriedly.” In her dazed state, she blinked, queried, “What?” “Ustedes, como estas?” he asked again. “No bien,” she replied, “No bien.”

When she focused enough to dial 911, she added, “Please send an interpreter. I don’t think the guy speaks English.” When she got out to check the damage, she realized the vehicle behind her was a semi-tractor trailer rig – and that she and her friend were incredibly lucky, that little Ford Rangers are incredibly tough, and she was very glad her insurance was up to date.

Call American Insure-All® at 888-411-AUTO if you are looking for a car insurance company in Renton. We can help you find the agency and the policy that fits your needs – because you never know when you might need a good insurance company.