How to Apply for Online Auto Insurance Quotes in Edmonds

Car Insurance Quotes for IssaquahAs of a 2010 report by comScore, more than 2.8 million vehicle insurance policies were initiated online in 2009. This figure continues to grow each year, as online shopping for everything from garden tools to books has skyrocketed. Getting auto insurance quotes in Edmonds is not only simple, but it is fast and highly convenient. You can compare rates at your convenience and not feel rushed into making a snap decision.

Gathering some information before you begin can save you even more time. Be sure that you have information about:

  • All drivers in your household. This includes name, gender, occupation, years with a license and driver’s license number.
  • Current auto insurance policy.
  • Each vehicle you plan to insure. Be sure to have the year, make and model and vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Mileage to and from work.
  • Vehicle security options.
  • Collisions or violations and records about them for the past three years.

Also consider your insurance requirements. If you have made any recent changes in your driving situation, you may be eligible for a lower rate.

Fill out an online application on the company’s website. If you decide to go with a new plan, take steps to cancel your old policy and request a refund of any unused premiums.

For a company that does it all, look at American Insure-All®. Our brokers can compare insurance policies and give you auto insurance quotes in Edmonds that are affordable and contain the coverage that you need to drive safely. Call (888) 411-AUTO for a free quote today or complete an online application. We are here to serve you!