What You Need to Know About Liability Vehicle Insurance in Mountlake Terrace

What You Need to Know About Liability Vehicle Insurance in Mountlake TerraceIf you are new to car ownership, one of the things you will have to do sooner rather than later is purchase vehicle insurance in Mountlake Terrace. Auto insurance is required by law in Washington, particularly liability insurance. What is liability insurance?

If you cause an accident while driving your vehicle, liability coverage will help to pay for the other driver’s expenses. There are two different types: property damage and bodily injury liability coverage.

Property damage liability insurance helps to pay for damages caused to property (like another vehicle) if you are at fault. Bodily injury liability insurance will help to pay for medical expenses for the person injured in an accident for which you are responsible.

You can choose your coverage limits if you maintain at least the minimum coverage that the state requires. There are three different liability limits that you may see on your auto policy:

  1. Bodily injury liability per person. This is the maximum payout for everyone injured in an accident that is your fault.
  2. Bodily injury liability per accident. Your insurer will pay a set amount for all the medical expenses for a single accident caused by you.
  3. Property damage liability. Payout for damages incurred to someone’s property would not exceed the limit you have set.

Costs that go over the amount of your liability coverage must be paid by you so acquiring an adequate amount of auto liability insurance is quite important. In addition, note that liability insurance does not cover damage to your own vehicle or injuries that you suffer from an accident you cause.

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