Be Sure You are Covered with Business Vehicle Insurance in Marysville

Be Sure You are Covered with Business Vehicle Insurance in MarysvilleIf you are self-employed or use your personal vehicle for business purposes it is important that you understand that you may need commercial car insurance in addition to personal auto insurance. Let’s explore the differences in individual and business vehicle insurance in Marysville.

The primary distinction between personal and commercial auto insurance is the purpose of the coverage. A business has more liability risk and may need additional coverage for:

  • Individual named insured – This extends your commercial coverage to protect yourself when driving a car you do not own.
  • Any auto liability – Coverage includes new autos you buy, in addition to non-owned and hired vehicles.
  • Rental reimbursement with down time – Costs that occur when a temporary vehicle must be used due to an inoperable business vehicle.
  • Trailer interchange – Trailers you haul that you do not own are covered.
  • Vehicles you do not own – This protects you and your workers when you drive vehicles that are not owned by your business.
  • Single-deductible – When you utilize specialty equipment (that is likely quite expensive) for work, coverage can be extended to cover these components and you will only pay a single deductible on a claim for both trailer and auto.

Auto insurers consider personal car insurance and commercial auto insurance as two distinct types of insurance because of the difference in risk and liability. Personal policies take care of your average individual, while a business policy addresses the specialized situations involved with commercial vehicle use.

You may be surprised to discover that if you file a personal car insurance claim for a car you use for your business that it will often be denied. Sign up for business vehicle insurance in Marysville with American Insure-All® by phoning (888) 411-AUTO.