Why You Need Automobile Insurance in Lynnwood

Why You Need Automobile Insurance in LynnwoodWhile we all know that automobile insurance in Lynnwood is mandatory, why do we really need to have it? Here are just a few reasons that car insurance protects your finances, your job and your vehicle.
• According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), there are over 6 million vehicular accidents in the United States every year. Having car insurance protects your money from unanticipated crash expenses. Your insurance carrier can help keep you and your assets secure through liability coverage. A policy that has high limit liability, collision, medical coverage and comprehensive insurance can save you thousands of dollars after a collision.

• Your insurer is an advocate for you after an accident. They will assist you in gathering information from the other party and working with their insurance agent, settling your claim as soon as possible, helping you locate an auto repair shop, etc.
• Even if you are an excellent driver, with no crashes on your record, there are thousands of drivers out there who cannot say the same thing. Distracted drivers are all around us – eating, drinking, putting on makeup, texting and talking on the phone. You never know when you will cross the path of one of these people. Car insurance protects you from the unpredictable.
• If you are injured in a crash and don’t have enough health insurance, your vehicle insurance may be able to take up the slack.
• At the very least, the law requires you to have liability coverage. If you are pulled over for a broken taillight and the law enforcement officer asks for your insurance card,you can incur a heavy fine for not having insurance AND having a broken taillight.
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