Protect Yourself With Employer Liability Insurance In Issaquah


Protect Yourself With Employer Liability Insurance In Issaquah

Employer liability insurance in Issaquah protects you if there is a job-related injury or illness from a worker that may not be covered by workers’ compensation. It’s also known as employment practices liability insurance. Obtaining employer liability insurance is a way to protect your company from financial loss.

We’ll cover some common questions that you may have to help you make the best decision on your business insurance needs.

What Does An Employer’s Liability Policy Cover?

In general, one of the most important things this type of coverage can do for your business is to protect you if the employee decides to sue you. While unfortunate, it happens. An employee liability policy can help you pay for attorney fees and legal expenses.

A part of growing your business may mean the need for employees. When you have employees, there is a likelihood and possibility for an injury or illness on the job. While nobody likes to think about it, that injury or illness could result in a lawsuit from the employee.

Often, lawsuits can drag out months if not years. Lawsuits or trials can become extremely costly with the cost of attorney fees. Employer liability can help you cover these costs to prevent it from negatively impacting your business.

Is Employers Liability Insurance The Same As Workers Compensation?

Employers’ liability and workman’s comp both cover things such as an injury in the workplace. However, with workman’s comp, there is a need to prove negligence, but that is not the case with employers liability insurance. Employers’ liability can cover more than the workman’s comp.

Who Is Covered By Employers Liability Insurance?

The employer is covered should an ex-employee or current employee decides to sue. They may choose to file suit for a previous workplace-related injury or even an illness.

In businesses such as construction, there have been times where employees were exposed to certain chemicals or materials that have later been determined to cause specific illnesses.

This is an excellent example of how ex-employees may come back with lawsuits against a company. The exposure may have happened years before the employee leaving the company, but the illness doesn’t present itself until years later. During treatment, the employee can come to find out that the type of illness occurs when being exposed to specific materials, which is tied back to work done for your company.

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