You Can Find Affordable Home Renter Insurance In Skagit County


You Can Find Affordable Home Renter Insurance In Skagit County

Learn how you can get affordable home renter insurance in Skagit County and find answers to some of the most asked questions regarding renters insurance.

What Is Home Renters Insurance?

Home renters insurance is insurance that covers both personal injury inside a rented/leased home, as well as the contents within the home. Since there are two people involved in the house, the need for two separate insurance policies exists. The homeowner obtains insurance to cover the structure itself, while the renter obtains renters insurance to cover their property within the home.

Many renters often overlook renters’ insurance. Whether they feel that nothing could happen, or they don’t see the value of the items in the home, it happens regularly. What we also see is that after disaster strikes, those who didn’t have renters insurance, wish they did.

Is It Worth Getting Renters Insurance?

The answer to this question is most often yes. When you are renting, your landlord and their insurance are not responsible for covering the loss of your personal belongings. It is your renters who will ensure that you can replace the contents of your rental property and get back to resuming your life.

The best way to determine whether it is worth you getting renters insurance is to think about what it would cost to replace it. This thought process frequently helps renters realize that what they’ve accumulated over the years is worth insuring. From electronics to furniture and appliances, the value of these items begins to add up.

What Is Proof Of Renters Insurance?

When renting any property, the landlord may ask for proof of renters insurance. They are looking for evidence that you have obtained adequate renters insurance and want to ensure that your renter’s insurance is up to date and has not expired.

Why Do Landlords Require Renters Insurance?

The main reason a landlord would require renters insurance is to prevent a lawsuit. While renters insurance is really to protect the renter, it also protects the landlord by ensuring that there is coverage in case someone is injured inside the home.

For this reason, some landlords will write it into their lease, that the renter must obtain and keep valid renters insurance on the property during the time that it is occupied.

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