Commercial Insurance Brokers In Mount Vernon/Burlington

Commercial Insurance Brokers In Mount Vernon/Burlington

We have knowledgable commercial insurance brokers in Mount Vernon/Burlington who would love to help you with your commercial insurance needs. Below are some questions we are often asked that will help you to identify the best coverage needed for your business.

Are You Local?

Yes! We have offices throughout the Mount Vernon/Burlington area. Our brokers are available to answer your questions and help you to set up your plan when you’re ready. You can simply visit our offices, call or get a quote online with our easy to use online quote system.

What Types Of Commercial Insurance Is Offered?

Our business and commercial insurance services help to cover your company vehicles including offering liability, collision and comprehensive, medical cost and expenses and uninsured motorist coverage.

We also offer general liability insurance which helps to protect your business from lawsuits. For small to medium-sized businesses, a lawsuit could be a significant blow even possibly putting the company out of business. General liability insurance helps to prevent the costs of a lawsuit from skyrocketing and it will pay the losses that come from personal injury, business premises liability and even property damage.

Finally, one of the most sought out types of commercial insurance is employer liability, also referred to as workers’ compensation. If you have employees the likelihood that someone could become injured on the job is high. Whether it is a slip and fall or environmental exposure, it can happen. In most states workers compensation is required for businesses. This type of insurance will protect you from lawsuits that stem from employees.

If you need commercial insurance brokers in Mount Vernon/Burlington, American Insure-All® wants to make sure that you have all the helpful information you need to make the best decisions for your liability coverage. For more information about our services, or to speak with our team about your insurance needs, give us a phone call today at (888) 411-AUTO.