5 Questions To Ask When Receiving Car Insurance Quotes In Woodway

5 Questions To Ask When Receiving Car Insurance Quotes In Woodway

Whether you’re purchasing a new car or looking for a new insurance company, there are a few questions to ask when getting car insurance quotes in Woodway. Finding the right insurance company to work with is more than picking the cheapest options out there. You want to know that the coverage you’re getting is the right coverage for your particular situation. When you seek out quotes, be sure to ask these five questions of your insurance agent before deciding.

What Discounts Are Available?

Many companies offer a range of discounts and savings to their clients. From multi-line discounts to safe driver savings, there are many options to help reduce the overall cost.

Does This Policy Cover Other Drivers?

From time to time you may have other drivers in your vehicle. Perhaps you’re on a long trip and need to swap drivers or you have a friend that borrows your car. You need to know that the policy you’re choosing will cover them if something goes wrong.

What Does The Policy Cover In An Accident?

You should know what your policy actually covers in the case of an accident. Some people mistake liability coverage for their full coverage options. Liability only covers certain aspects of the accident and is the minimum that most states require you to have. Talk with your agent at American Insure-All® to see exactly what you should expect if an accident happens.

What Out-Of-Pocket Costs Should You Expect?

If you have to file a claim for an accident or other damage, you want to know ahead of time the money you must pay out of pocket.

What About Roadside Assistance and Towing?

These are typically additional parts of your policy and not something that is just written in. Be sure to talk with your agent to find out the details of this coverage and how you can receive it.

If you’re looking for affordable car insurance quotes in Woodway, contact American Insure-All® today at (888) 411-AUTO for more information!