Get The Best Home And Auto Insurance Coverage In Mount Vernon

Get The Best Home And Auto Insurance Coverage In Mount Vernon

If you are shopping for either car or home insurance, you may be able to save money by bundling these services with one carrier. Here are some advantages of buying home and auto insurance in Mount Vernon.

  • Your insurance agent will be able to go over your home and auto coverage at the same time and you can usually manage both policies in the same web portal.
  • There is often a substantial discount when you bundle policies. You can save from 5% to 25% on each policy.
  • If you have had recent home or auto insurance claims, having bundled policies means that your insurer is less likely to drop you.

It is easy to group your home and auto policies with one insurance provider. You may also be able to add policies for an RV, boat, jet ski, or other vehicles. Discounts can vary. The larger your policy, the greater your savings, in most cases. Since your home is typically worth more than your car, your discount on homeowner’s insurance should be higher. Bundling works well for individuals looking to have one policy with numerous different coverage’s on assets.

Getting the Best Rates

You can save the most money by comparing quotes for separate policies and those that are combined to see which offers the best deal. Sometimes it may be best to purchases separate policies. Periodically reviewing your policies ensures that you still get the savings you are looking for.

American Insure-All® offers insurance for any need you may have. Call our expert brokers at (888) 411-AUTO for a free quote and to learn how you can enjoy the savings when bundling your home and auto insurance in Mount Vernon. We look forward to working with you!