Understanding The Need For A General Contractor Liability Insurance Company In Marysville

Understanding The Need For A General Contractor Liability Insurance Company In Marysville

Have you been wondering if you need to look into your options for a general contractor liability insurance company in Marysville? If you need assistance, American Insure-All® is always here to help! Our team understands that general contractor work is challenging and that you have a lot of responsibilities. So, you can leave all of the protections and coverage to us!

What To Look For

If you are starting to search for good contractor coverage, you should know about other types of situations that call for insurance. There are options outside the traditional property damage or personal injury policies.

Some typical types of insurance a contractor might need include:

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance

With this coverage, the impacted party is protected should there be property damage or injury. This coverage handles the amount claimed as well as any legal expenses incurred.

  • Workers Compensation Insurance

Working on any job site leaves you open for accidents that can result in injury. Employees are susceptible to accidents and more, so you want to be sure you are covered in all situations. When you care about the welfare of your team, having the proper coverage is the best way to ensure everything is handled for all parties involved.

  • Automobile Liability Insurance

When you are a contractor, you may have several vehicles to handle a variety of tasks. You may need to transport workers, materials, equipment, or all three. The risk of any vehicle being involved in an incident is high, so you need coverage for the vehicle, injuries, property damage, and more.

Call us at American Insure-All®, and we can go over what makes us the best team when you need a general contractor liability insurance company in Marysville. You can reach us by dialing (888) 411-AUTO.