Getting Your Start-Up Off the Ground? You Need a Reliable Small Business Insurance Broker in Redmond!

Getting Your Start-Up Off the Ground? You Need a Reliable Small Business Insurance Broker in Redmond!

Few things are more satisfying than making an accomplishment as a business owner, especially when you focus on success in a startup company. However, comfort and safety are paramount in feeling secure in your business, regardless of how long you’ve strived to succeed. Something like a reliable small business insurance broker in Redmond could make a huge difference in how you feel about your startup company.

Insurance is the embodiment of safety and security, allowing you, a business owner, to protect your small business from unexpected situations.

What could happen that you’d need insurance to cover? Here are a few reasons you would need business insurance, regardless of how small or new your business is.

  • Insurance protects your employees. If your business tanks, or if there are problems with finances due to thefts, vandalism, or unforeseen circumstances, you and your workers are covered until your business gets back to smooth working order.
  • Insured businesses look more credible. When consumers shop around for products or services, they want to know that their private information is safe and secure within your business database. That’s the kind of security that insurance is responsible for.
  • It’s the law for small businesses to have insurance. The SBA (Small Business Administration) of the United States requires small businesses to be insured with benefits like workers’ compensation, unemployment benefits, and disability benefits.
  • Not everyone will be happy with your business 100% of the time. Insurance helps protect you from damage if someone decides to slander or sue your company.

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