What is a Permanent Life Insurance in Sammamish and Is It Important?

What is a Permanent Life Insurance in Sammamish and Is It Important?

By definition, permanent life insurance has no expiration date as long as the policyholder is alive. So, looking for a permanent life insurance quote in Sammamish is an investment into the future of you and your family, perhaps for decades after purchase. It’s important because it’s peace of mind. Permanent life insurance comes with death benefit and savings options, which payout to your loved ones after you pass away. The ones you love the most are financially secure, at least partially, when you’re no longer around.

There’s no age that’s best for investment into permanent life insurance. You can get it any time in your adulthood. However, the older you get and the more health issues you accumulate, the more expensive the coverage. Age and health are big factors in the monthly rates of your life insurance plans.

How Many Beneficiaries Can You Have on a Permanent Life Insurance Policy?

On average, you can have one to three beneficiaries on a permanent life insurance policy, but it depends on your plan and coverage. There are multiple packages to choose from, each with a foundation of financial security that you can add onto and change as needed.

Is It Morbid to Get Life Insurance in Anticipation of Your Death?

Death is still considered taboo, but it’s inevitable and often unpredictable. It’s not morbid to prepare for something that could happen at any moment. Life insurance is a safe way for you to ensure the security and comfort of your family for the short term after your death. It’s smart to expect the unexpected.

Where Can You Get Permanent Life Insurance?

Give us a call at American Insure-All® to get a permanent life insurance quote in Sammamish! You can reach our office at (888) 411-AUTO (2886). We also offer other insurance plans, such as automotive, commercial, home, and recreational.