Managing a New Home Build? Check Out Home Builders Insurance with American Insure-All®!

Managing a New Home Build? Check Out Home Builders Insurance with American Insure-All®!

Also referred to construction insurance, homebuilders’ insurance services in Kent are a way to protect property, materials, and project workers while new homes are under construction. The last thing you want is to complete part of a new home built and then have inclement weather knock it down again. Or be subjected to crime and vandalism that leaves many of your construction plans in the dirt. While construction is temporary, you need to protect yourself, your efforts, and a potential new home or building with insurance that makes a difference.

We at American Insure-All® are excited about our insurance options, covering everything from auto and life to homebuilders and construction crews. We even have options for recreational insurance to cover your summertime fun with RVs, motorcycles, and jet skis.

Homebuilders’ insurance offers coverage for construction companies and contractors too. If there’s an accident on the job site, homebuilders’ insurance protects a blanket policy that ensures workers are well-taken care of. Construction sites, especially those of homes, are racked with heavy equipment and hazards, so it’s better to be “safe than sorry” in cases where accidents could occur.

Can Homebuilders’ Insurance Cover Local Contractors Too?

Insurance policies of any kind have a base of coverage to offer a foundation of protection and assurance. Homebuilders’ insurance offers a basic package of coverage to include construction crews and local contractors, but it’s also an insurance policy you can add to.

One of the great things about American Insure-All® is that we offer premium information on insurance policies to allow you to build your perfect coverage. When you need homebuilders’ insurance services in Kent, we are there to help you decide on the policy that would best protect your workers and suit your needs in cases of accident or emergencies.

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