Drive Safer This Summer with Dependable RV Insurance from American Insure-All®!

Warmer weather means more time traveling and planning trips with your loved ones. Taking out the RV this spring and summer? Let American Insure-All® help you find reliable, dependable recreational vehicle insurance brokers near Mukilteo. When warmer weather rolls around, RVs are all the rage, especially for cross-country trips and camping adventures. However, while planning the fun, it’s also important to prepare for anything unexpected, like accidents due to inclement weather.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how safe you are as a driver; accidents can happen. It could be another driver dinging the side of your motorhome. Or it could be a rogue rock or tree limb making a home in your windshield. While it pays to take precautions on the road, it’s also a smart, safe idea to consider the “what if” scenarios.

RV insurance offers coverage, as you’d find in auto insurance plans. There’s a foundation of coverage from American Insure-All®, including theft, collisions, and roadside assistance. However, you can also add to your basic coverage plan to customize your policy to meet your specific needs. Some add-ons include water damage, uninsured motorists, and comprehensive medical care.

Your Type of RV Affects Your Insurance Coverage Options!

There are multiple kinds of recreational vehicles, and all of them have different coverage options for RV insurance. Large, luxurious motorhomes, for instance, will have more coverage options than travel trailers because there’s more to damage in an accident. Most RV insurance, however, offers damage coverage, so you can get an affordable, comprehensive policy regardless of the type of RV you own.

Is Insurance Required to Drive a Recreational Vehicle?

In short – yes. Insurance is a requirement in most states to drive a recreational vehicle (RV). Like any other automobile on the road, RVs carry liability risks in cases of accidents and damage. You must choose an insurance plan that covers the minimum requirements that the state necessitates.

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