Permanent Life Insurance is a Safeguard Against Unexpected Financial Burdens for Your Family

Permanent Life Insurance is a Safeguard Against Unexpected Financial Burdens for Your Family

One of the worst things that can happen to a family is that they lose someone they love unexpectedly. The pain of that loss is tremendous and unforgettable, but it’s often compounded by the bills the deceased left behind. Bills can burden grieving families financially, so leaving loved ones with something to help ease the financial situation after death is vital. Permanent life insurance in Federal Way, courtesy of American Insure-All®, offers financial support, like a safeguard or a safety net, that extends to your loved ones after your death – either unexpected or otherwise.

The sooner you get a life insurance plan, the more comforted and reassured you’ll be. There are multiple kinds of life insurance, and permanent is the kind of policy that lasts for as long as you pay your premiums. You can opt for several different permanent life insurance plans, so your lifestyle and personal family situation is covered.

We at American Insure-All® build our life insurance policies on a foundation. It’s a base of basic care that you can build onto with your customizations to meet specific needs. Name a beneficiary or two, then pay personal premiums that bolster your policy until the end of your life. At the end, your policy will be split into funeral costs, end-of-life bills, and your beneficiaries will get the remainder.

Can Beneficiaries Use Life Insurance Payouts for Everyday Living Expenses?

After bills and funeral costs are taken care of, what your beneficiaries do with their life insurance payouts is up to them. For many, payouts go towards food and their living expenses, giving them time off work to grieve and mourn the passing of a loved one without worry.

American Insure-All® has been a lifelong help to hundreds of people seeking permanent life insurance policies in Federal Way to protect their loved ones from financial burdens. You can learn more by calling us at (888) 411-2886.