American Insure-All®, Hands Down the Best Company for Renter Insurance!

American Insure-All®, Hands Down the Best Company for Renter Insurance!

New renters are typically unaware of their rights, especially in regard to their privacy and the protection of their belongings. Regardless of who owns a property, as a renter, you have the right to feel safe and secure where you live, but you need to prepare for unexpected events with a financial cushion in the form of renter insurance. Luckily, American Insure-All® is hands down the best company for Everett renter insurance, with a dedication to helping new renters in both long-term and short-term renting situations.

Renter insurance covers over 70 percent of your belongings, provided there is a list of what you own, such as valuable electronics, furnishings, and jewelry. Like homeowners insurance, renter insurance covers damaging events, such as fire and windstorms, but also theft and vandalism. While insurance won’t stave off these negative experiences, it will help you pick up the pieces afterward, ensuring you aren’t financially ruined because of something out of your power.

Landlords Can Acquire and Legally Demand Renter Insurance

Insurance laws depend on state laws, but renter insurance is often not legally required for renters. However, that doesn’t mean a landlord doesn’t require it. Tenants are obligated to fulfill landlord requirements in renter agreements, so a landlord can legally require that a renter has insurance before allowing them to live on their property.

Landlords can also acquire renter insurance for themselves, which will financially protect (and restore) their property if a renter leaves a home in damaged conditions. In short, renter insurance is worth the expense of monthly premiums because, even if nothing negative happens, everyone is at least prepared for whatever comes their way.

American Insure-All®, the best company for Everett renter insurance, can be contacted for more information at (888) 411-2886. Ask about our insurance bundles that could save you money with auto, life, business, and RV insurance too!