What Happens if You Don’t Have Insurance?

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Insurance is a subject that many people find overwhelming and difficult to understand. The terminology is difficult enough. Even when you do understand, there are enough choices between companies and plans to make anyone’s head spin. There are also many different types of insurance to consider, from car and health insurance to fire, flood, boat, life, and more. Insurance of all types can be expensive and seem overwhelming to purchase. This combined with the recent Affordable Care Act leaves many Americans wondering what the consequences are for not having insurance. Let us break down car and health insurance if you choose not to have insurance in Everett.

Car Insurance

Estimates say that around 13% of drivers in the US don’t have car insurance. What exactly does this mean? Without current insurance, you won’t be able to get current registration on your car or renew your driver’s license. If a police officer sees your lack of registration or you get pulled over and don’t have proof of insurance, then there are several consequences depending on the state. Your license and registration will be suspended and you will receive a ticket of considerable size. If you try to get insurance after that, your premiums will be higher. If you are in an accident and it’s your fault, then you will be solely responsible for covering the expenses for injury and damages to the car for yourself and the other driver. If the other driver is at fault, then their insurance will help cover you.

Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act mandates that all Americans have health insurance. If you don’t have it, you will be fined each year. The fine ranges for each person, but can be several thousand dollars. If you don’t have insurance but need medical care, there are several options.

Find a free clinic: There are websites where you can look up local clinics.
Go to the emergency room: Hospitals are legally required to care for people even if they don’t have insurance. You can talk to the billing department to learn about financial assistance and other possibilities.
Go to any provider: Any doctor can still treat a person without insurance, but they will bill you for the entire charge. If you ask, the doctor may give you a discount for not having insurance or for paying in cash up front.

There are options if you don’t have insurance, but you will likely end up paying more when an accident or health problem arises.