Bond insurance company in Lynnwood

Bonds are often thought of as an investment tool, or something that you would visit a banker to acquire. However, bond insurance is something different. Bond insurance helps businesses in a number of different capacities, such as an investment vehicle or to protect entities and partners in a business agreement. Regardless of the type of bond insurance needed, purchasing bond insurance involves a credit check and review due to the high-risk nature of entering into a “bond” agreement with another entity. To learn more about how bond insurance works, speak with a bond insurance company in Lynnwood today at American Insure-All®.


To learn more about how bond insurance works, consider an example. A “bond” can involve entering into an agreement with a startup business and potential investor. Bond insurance protects the investor from incurring a loss or damages due to default payments or a breach in the agreement or contract.


Although this is a common example, bond insurance has helped businesses in various industries. However, the most common industry is the construction industry, which often involves bonds and agreements when bidding on projects.


At American Insure-All®, our professional team of insurance agents is experienced in working with all different kinds of businesses to find them the best type of bond insurance to allow them to maximize growth opportunities and establish a reputation in working with other entities.


Some of the common types of bond insurance include:


– Contract performance bonds

– License and permit bonds

– Payment bonds

– Bid bonds

– Supply bonds

– Maintenance Bonds

– And many others…


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