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Setting up and managing a business in the Mercer Island area takes a lot of hard work, patience and dedication. It also means that most business owners will have to find a great location from which to operate their new enterprise. Local entrepreneurs may end up investing a great deal of money in a commercial location that is ideal for attracting customers and doing daily business. This means that their building will represent a significant financial investment. It’s important to make sure that this building is protected in the event of an accident or emergency. The best way to obtain this kind of protection for a reasonable price is to invest in high quality, commercial insurance coverage. These kinds of policies are available with the use of commercial buildings and owners insurance services in Mercer Island. Simply by making a phone call to American Insure-All®, local business owners can get a head start on their insurance needs.

Here at American Insure-All®, we have a legacy of helping our customers get the best insurance coverage for their money. We also understand that our business customers have a unique set of needs when it comes to insurance policies. Whether it’s insurance for their property or a coverage plan for their employees, we strive to find the best deals on a variety of great policies. As a locally based, independent insurance broker agency, we feel that we have a strong connection to business owners in the Western Washington region. This connection gives us the ability to provide a level of customer service and personal attention that just can’t be matched by large, impersonal insurance providers.

We work with over 52 different insurance companies so that we can always find a policy that is ideal for each customer. This also means that finding coverage doesn’t take very long. As soon as our customers give us a call, we can get right to work finding them a policy. We also give free insurance quotes right over the phone.

To learn more about our commercial buildings and owners insurance services in Mercer Island, just call American Insure-All® today at (888)411-AUTO.