Fleet Vehicle Insurance Services in Edmonds

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If you require proper coverage for your business vehicles, you’ve come to the right place. Here at American Insure-All®, we provide various coverage options, including our fleet vehicle insurance services in Edmonds. We know that it’s overwhelming to try and sift through all the options to discover what you truly need. Allow our team of talented and highly trained agents to help sift through it for you.

Free Consult

You will receive a free consultation to discuss your insurance coverage needs when you call the office. We will go through the type of vehicles, what they are used for, drivers, and more. All of this allows us to create the unique policy you need for your specific industry and company. Not all companies are the same, and your insurance shouldn’t be a blanket policy.

With the free consult, you’ll receive a free, no-obligation estimate as well to know what to expect. Your agent understands you want affordable rates that fit into your budget without going over. That’s exactly what your team will strive for.

Fleet Versus Personal

Unfortunately, some business owners have found out the hard way that personal auto insurance does not cover you in a company vehicle. When you have a fleet of vehicles, it’s best to have a policy that covers them adequately.

Your agent will discuss the best options whether you have 10 or 100 vehicles on the job. You can rely on us to get the job done right the first time within your set budget needs.

Call our office at (888) 411-AUTO to learn more about the fleet vehicle insurance services in Edmonds we provide. You’ll love working with a team of talented, certified, and dedicated agents that are here to help you.